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         Welcome to the new Hilo Orchid Farm website! As you can see, we've made a lot of changes in order to make our website more useful for our clients. If you are a new client or desire to become a client, please look through the website to get a better understanding of our products, ordering system, and packing and shipping. If you have been a client of ours for some time, chances are you are familiar with those aspects of our nursery. The main advantage of the new website will be our new picture galleries, allowing you to see the varieties we already offer and new varieties as they enter production. 

         If you are not a vendor, but are part of the general public, please feel welcome to browse through our site, but be aware that we cannot sell directly to you. Our products are offered by a large number of reputable nurseries throughout the country. Any questions you have about the availability of a specific product are better directed to your local orchid vendor, as they will be able to supply you with the plants you desire. 

        Important Notice:  Minimun wholesale order has changed as of December 6, 2015.  It is now 24 plants "Growers Choice or $500. 

  2. What's New?


    Paph. (Acclamation x Gridlock) 'Little Jaguar' AM AOS                  Paph. Hilo Spotter 'New Star' AM AOS

    Paph. (Acclamation x Gridlock) 'Little Jaguar' AM/AOS

    and Paph. Hilo Spotter 'New Star' AM/AOS

    At the December 2014 Hilo Judging, Hilo Orchid Farm received two AMs on spotted Complex Paphiopedilum breeding.

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    In some versions of Internet Explorer, especially those less than version 10, this website may not always display properly.


    If you are having trouble viewing the site, we recommend that you update your browser or switch to another one. 


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Hilo Orchid Farm Hawaii, Inc.

Paph rothschildianum Simba

     Hilo Orchid Farm is a certified wholesale only nursery located on the windward side of the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii at an elevation of 1,000 feet between Kurtistown and Mountain View. The combination of night time showers, moderate sun, and routine trade winds makes it an ideal environment for growing a variety of orchids. Founded in 1991, Hilo Orchid Farm has grown from a small local nursery to a major supplier for a number of clientele throughout the country. 

     Hilo Orchid Farm resides on thirty-six acres of land with five acres of environmentally controlled greenhouses. By incorporating modern greenhouse technology and cutting edge breeding programs, Hilo Orchid Farm has established a reputation for producing only the higest quality plants.

     Hilo Orchid Farm specializes in quality Intergeneric Oncidiinae, Miltoniopsis, Paphiopedilum, and other exotic orchid plants in various sizes and blooming stages for our customers to resell.